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23 Nov.

60th Anniversary Commemoration Pt. 3 James Dean

There is no doubt that Jimmy tried to push harder whenever he could. Whether it was racing the Czech CZ, playing basketball, or performing in a high school play; he exhibited an explicit kind of passion.

5 Nov.

60th Anniversary Commemoration Pt. 2 James Dean

Jimmy's neighbor, Mildred Carter, recalled, "I got to know Jimmy in 1946 when he came down to our motorcycle shop on his little Whizzer motorbike. Later on, when Jimmy had his first real motorcycle, a 'Czech,' he was streaking around town and was absolutely everywhere. Speed was his thing...

22 Oct..

60th Anniversary Commemoration Pt. 1 James Dean

Ten-year old Jimmy's relentlessness was evident to his school friends. He was always pursuing a new and daring project. He made an elevator in the barn's loft, but nearly broke his back when it collapse and sent him hurling to the floor.

21 Sep.

James Dean Birth Site Dedication 9/30 James Dean

A dedication to James Dean's Birth site in Marion, IN this weekend.

15 Sept.

James Dean’s Last Drive: The Official 60th Anniversary

Hollywood, CA - September 30, 2015 marks the 60th Anniversary of the car wreck that claimed the life of legendary Hollywood icon, actor and car and race enthusiast James Dean.

20 July.

Saving Fairmount: James Dean's Hometown

James Dean and Fairmount need your help. Consider donating to keep the town looking its best, so Jimmy can flourish for years to come.

8 Jun.

Lost James Dean Slideshow James Dean

A reveal/showing of unseen James Dean photographs from his time learning photography with Robert Schatt.

1 Apr.

James Dean Birth Site Dedication James Dean

A dedication to James Dean's Birth site in Marion, IN.

12 Feb.

Allure Eyewear - James Dean Press Release James Dean Eyeware

Allure Eyewear to launch James Dean™ Sun and Optical Collections this holiday 2014

05 Nov.

Allure Eyewear Debuts James Dean Collection James Dean Restaurant

JAMES’ FRAMES: Apparently the biker motorcycle jacket is no longer the only one of James Dean’s signature looks that is having a revival.

26 Mar.

James Dean Tribute Drive and Video

James Dean's Last Drive is a music video tribute to the legendary actor (and budding musician) James Dean and his last drive pursuing his passion of cars and racing.

26 Feb.

Officially Licensed James Dean Restaurant in Prague James Dean Restaurant

Located in the largest city of the Czech Republic, James Dean Prague, is a 50’s themed restaurant adorned with pictures of the legendary actor James Dean.

03 Feb.

James Dean in a Super Bowl Commercial

An NFL Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler, featuring James Dean.

27 Jan.

The Phoenix Project Launches a James Dean Collection James Dean Clothing from the Phoenix Project

Clothing recreated form James Dean's iconic collection.