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5 November 2015


Unpublished Anecdotes

By Lee Raskin, Author of James Dean: On The Road To Salinas

Czech Mate

Jimmy's neighbor, Mildred Carter, recalled, "I got to know Jimmy in 1946 when he came down to our motorcycle shop on his little Whizzer motorbike. Later on, when Jimmy had his first real motorcycle, a 'Czech,' he was streaking around town and was absolutely everywhere. Speed was his thing... He loved his speed."

The favorite high-speed turn of Jimmy's at the Park Cemetery was just down the road from the Winslow farm. Photo Mari Ryan

School friend Peter Beck agreed: "Jimmy would ride flat out toward the corner of the sharp curve at the cemetery, coming as close to the apple tree that he could and then reach out and touch it. He delighted in doing daredevil stunts."

Marcus Winslow, Jr. went on to say: "My mother was sometimes disgusted with Jimmy. That Czech had a real noisy exhaust with a loud pitch–it sounded just like a bumblebee. Jimmy would ride down to the crossroads, turn around toward the house, then lie down on the seat and stick his feet straight back so he could get as much speed as he could. He was kinda reckless on that cycle."

Jimmy's Czech CZ125cc motorcycle is on display at the Fairmount Historical Museum along with last motorcycle, a Triumph TR5 Trophy. Photo Lee Raskin.

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