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Image taken from the 1949 FHS Yearbook. Photo property of Fairmount Lions Club. Image taken from the 1949 FHS Yearbook. Image of the stage as it stood in 2010 after years of unuse and neglect. Architect rendering of the new stage.

The Fairmount Lions Club purchased and removed the Stage from the Old Fairmount High School in August 2010. After hiring a crew to physically remove the stage, etc., several members of the Fairmount Lions Club spent 3 days removing nails and preparing the pieces for proper storage.
In early winter of 2013 approval was given by the Fairmount Town Council for the Lions Club to rebuild the stage in the pavillion at Play Acres Park.
The rebuilding and maintenance of such an important part of Fairmount history is a financial goal the Fairmount Lions Club is determined to undertake.


This stage is the original stage where Fairmount Native James Dean began his acting career under the direction of his speech teacher, Adeline NaIl. After Jimmy's graduation in 1949, he left Fairmount to pursue his dream of performing. In 1955 a tragic car accident ended this young actor's dream and made him an icon.
It is for this reason the Fairmount Lions Club is dedicated to bring this piece of history "back to life".

This is an architect rendering of the new home for the FHS Stage. It will be fully enclosed and is designed to preserve and protect the Stage for generations to come.
The uses proposed for this project are numerous. Of course it will be used to entertain during Fairmount Museum Days, Remembering James Dean, concerts in the park hosted by the Fairmount Lions Club and will be available for other community events.

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